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Do you offer shipping?

We can deliver within 3 hours for a fee. Air transport can be arranged by the buyer or a flight nanny may be arranged. Ground shipping can be arranged also by the buyer.

May I see the puppies?

You may view the puppies after placing a deposit. Puppies are not allowed to be handled until payment in full has been made and they are 8 weeks old. This is for the safety of the puppies, to limit exposure to any possible diseases, as well as the safety of our home.

What’s included in the vet records?

Vet records will include a vet checkup, deworming, and first round of parvo (distemper) shots. Puppies should typically be taken to your vet every few weeks to complete the remaining parvo shots. Their rabies shot is usually given at 16 weeks old.

FAQ's: Available Pets
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