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If you are interested in one of our Siberian husky puppies, please fill out this puppy form. Take a second to view the contract below. Once approved, a $250 deposit is required to get on the waiting list.

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Do you understand that the puppy may change as they mature and that NO guarantee is given for eye color, coat color, or coat length & and that a husky can shed, whine, howl or bark?
Do you understand that any deposit is non-refundable and that the puppy MUST be picked up within the 8th week of age?
Have you read our purchase contract and agree to it?

Thanks for submitting!

Puppy Form: Sales Lead


All puppies require a signed contract at purchase. The contract protects you as the buyer, the seller, and the puppy's well being. It also includes additional details with what is included with the purchase of a puppy, as well as what is expected after purchase. Please review at any time below and let us know if there are any questions.

Puppy Form: Available Pets
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