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Welcome to the Husky Cave

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Our Goal

The Husky Cave is a small hobby breeder of AKC Siberian Huskies located in Sacramento, CA. We breed for quality, not quantity, and aim to offer the healthiest, strongest puppies that will bring happiness for many years to their new owners. We strive to make sure our puppies will go only to the best homes possible and recommend any potential Siberian husky buyer to do as much research as possible on the breed. If you have any questions about our current or future puppies, please feel free to contact us above!

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About the Breed

To summarize, the Siberian Husky has a friendly and gentle disposition. They have an affectionate temperament and special appeal to children which makes them a family favorite pet. The Siberian is alert, adaptable, and eager to please. While able to show strong affection to their family, they are not a watchdog and will rather befriend a stranger than scare one off. Although they lack possessive instincts, their predatory instincts are strong. Normally friendly and gentle with people and other dogs, owners must be aware that small animals such as birds, rabbits and CATS may fall victim to a Husky. They require regular exercise and seek attention, which they will get, good or sometimes bad. They are noted as fastidiously clean and free of body odor. Click below for a full overview.

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